The Bandits ~ formerly The Tradbandits …





The Bandits ~ formerly The Tradbandits …



The Bandits ~ formerly The Tradbandits …

Traditional – untraditional | ballads – not ballads | Irish – non-Irish | mayhem & craic

The Bandits

Formed in 2014 to play at The Old School House in Swords, Co. Dublin The Tradbandits, now renamed The Bandits, are a 4 piece band playing traditional Irish music, ballads, folk and a load of other stuff from lead vocalist Alan’s huge repertoire of songs. We do our own take on a lot of stuff playing many different types of music. A lot of surprises at our gigs.

Who are we …

Alan – vocals, harmony, guitar, talking shite
Matt – mandolin, banjo, whistle, lead guitar and anything else you throw at him
Sarah – vocals, harmony, fiddle
Declan – instrumental & rhythm guitar, bass guitar
Colin – drums, backing vocals

The Bandits …

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